Commit notes for the payment fee support

  • While updating RWC-330, RWC-76 was included.
  • Fees will only be supported in non RCO mode due to how RCO works as we very much have to create the RCO iframe before the woocommerce handlers.
  • getAnnuityFactors can now be chosen to display or return. See RWC-331. It can also be chosen to show product price or a custom price.
  • Added getResursMethodFromPrefix() to make sure we can store payment method data in an early state for the session (for fee handling mostly)
  • Added internal_tax setting for the fee handling. See RWC-318. This is the way we apply tax classes to the fee.
  • Some slugs for language fixed.
  • setFee changed @since because it has been activated.