Available checkout types

This page describes the checkout types and their respective order flows. The flows are technically described at Checkout workflows and metadata store described, for how the plugin handles them.

Simplified shopflow

Documentation: https://test.resurs.com/docs/display/ecom/Simplified+Flow+API

This is the checkout type/shop flow that is completely integrated with WooCommerce. The flow is very much following WooCommerce rules for payments - and when making a purchase, WooCommerce is the part that handles the order numbering, etc.

Resurs Checkout

Documentation: https://test.resurs.com/docs/display/ecom/Resurs+Checkout+Web

This is currently the flagship of Resurs Bank. The integration is based on an iframe that resides entirely at the side of Resurs Bank. By means, integrators only need to make customer data play with the iframe - the rest of data, including signed payments etc is handled by Resurs Bank.

Supported RCO versions

  • v1 (postMsg)
  • v2 ($ResursCheckout)

Hosted shopflow

Documentation: https://test.resurs.com/docs/display/ecom/Hosted+Payment+Flow

This is the payment flow that is most equivalent to for example Paypal, where you initializing the payment locally in the platform, but then finalizes the payment on a Resurs Bank hosted platform.