ToolsAPI v1.0

I've been in need for a generic API tool for long now. It all started for real with v3.x, which is the first "production like" API that is still in use and actually stable, despite the fact that I always create such code with lacking documentation. In this case, however, it is more of an incomplete interface but sometimes with less consequent behaviour. Building from scratch has been preferred for a long time, but it sometimes leads to more incomplete code, especially when projects are growing. The ToolsAPI is the first API engine that is not being built from scratch. This time, we have an interface which handles all routes and all authorizations

The ToolsAPI is based on JWT, and for the moment we are no longer using basic auth and we are now focusing on the real stuff and not the time consuming problems. To make sure the project will not be mixed up with TorneAPI, the new project name is ToolsAPI, since it is more or less an API for handling different kind of network tools.

Servers is a development server, so if you've found this somewhere make sure you are ready for sudden praces. The production server is located at

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