RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds just had its rebirth - you can read about it at

Read about the API interface here: /rss.


The purpose of this project is to attract visitors to the sites that we actually monitor. By giving more instant information from respective site where visitors can quickly jump into, without being forced to monitor a mail-feed or enter a website each day, the intentions with this project is to actually auto update users that is interested in the content.

With automation we can also start offer “featured content” with a single page where content are collected with RSS data, so it can be quickly shared over for example Facebook or your own customized website.

Since the site started up, the ToolsAPI have had a few adjustments into stability and there are now serveral bots online that makes sure that the feeds don't die.


First of all, there is a open resource to catch the few feeds that is up at this moment (october 2021).

By going to, unless it isn't protected, you get a list of available feeds. To read them you use the /feed resource like this: or if you want a "compiled view" of everything that contains the keywords

Coming up

An idea to make the feeds limited per HTTP_HOST came up just recently. This means that we can fetch data and publish them based on what API url is used. For example, the above feeds are currently used by but with HTTP_HOST-limitations we could easily restrict feed reading for specific RSS-feeds to limited sites only. For example, if you have a site with political content, we can manage so that content can only be handled from a specific domain like "". This makes is possible for ToolsAPI to not show up inappropriate items that we normally do not support.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what to convert into RSS-feeds, feel free to contact me via