Errors and exceptions

When a system error occurs, or when an exception are thrown, there is always an error object included in the response.

The status_code is always present and represents the internal error code, handled by the system. The code shows up when the routes/controlllers throws their own exceptions.

Output from errors can look like this:

	"message": "Unauthorized",
	"code": 401,
	"status_code": 500

In some cases there will be a block of errors:

	"message": "The given data was invalid.",
	"errors": {
		"name": [
		"The name field is required."
		"email": [
			"The email field is required."
		"password": [
			"The password field is required."
	"status_code": 422

Exceptions that can be thrown during requests

401500Insufficient role (Role list)When a request is being made to the API and you are unauthorized. The role list in the paranthesis tells you which roles you need to reach the API route.
-422The given data was invalid.During requests for creating new users this error shows what you were missing during that request.