Marvel MCU Timeline API

Sample Projects

This API project is live and running under the side

If you want to take a look at the above project itself, you can take a look at The project is basically only based on AJAX requests.

URL to base resource:

What is the MCU Timeline API?

This is the place to look for updates regarding the MCU timeline API, which currently is a regular document at this site here. Below is links to documents on how to use the new open API for the MCU Timeline view.

In each resource, there are clickable links directly to examples that can be used. Since the old MCU documents page is growing very quickly and is about to be very hard to maintain, this page is the first part of a replacement for that project. Instead of having just this page, we're building it as an auto updating API.

Do you miss something is this project or API?

If you think we miss something, you want to contribute or add anything - do not hesitate to contact us here or instantly via e-mail.

This API is continuously updated with new features!

Here's a list of what you currently can do with this API resource!

The API is stil lin progress and therefore considered - even if this is a production - a beta.