NETCURL wrapper flowchart

NetCURL contains a bunch of modules that handles all http-call automation. The root goal with NETCURL is to only wrap user output and input and parse it to the same data format/output, regardless of which driver that is used. The flow chart below demonstrates how all components is supposed to work together. As the library, in the beginning, was built for running through CURL, it also defaults wrapping to CURL internally and works best. It is possible to override this behaviour with external drivers, and normally - for example - only adding GuzzleHttp into the composer request should be enough to start using the Guzzle driver instead of the curl module. However, Guzzle itself does not support for example SOAP, so when calling WSDL based URLs, NETCURL will switch over to the internal SoapClient (SIMPLESOAP) automatically.

The parser of this library uses a component, specialized for encryption, compression and data conversion, and will be delivered automatically when using composer.