Endpoint: spamassassin




This endpoint is internally used by TorneAUTH and controls spam filters for mail adresses created and hosted by Tornevall Networks. Special API permissions are required.


As this endpoint works mostly with TorneAUTH the key parameter is email.

Sending an email to getUserWhiteList like below


The response - depending on the configured whitelist - will look like this:

	"getUserWhiteListResponse": [

Available syntax

emailReturns user chosen whitelist
-Returns globally whitelisted domains and mail addresses (that is whitelisted regardless of receiving email address)

The behaviour in this response is based on that some senders is using something like contract@invoice.company.com and employee@company.com depending on what's being sent. To not miss one of them, they always are set up in pairs. If eff.org is whitelisted, the response will contain one *@*.eff.org and one *@eff.org

	"getGlobalWhiteListResponse": [
-Global blacklist


	"getGlobalBlackListSenderResponse": [
hostSet hostname/domain name as whitelisted in the global regiontrue/false/exception
hostRemoves hostname/domainname in the global whitelisttrue/false/exception

Verify an email account that it actually has access (used by TorneAUTH to verify that users owns the account before configuring it).

To protect user login information we prefer to test the email address rather than the username.

email - Receiver
emailmask - Sender

Set up hostnames and senders to be whitelisted for a specific mail address (with or without wildcards).

Emailmask can be *@*.domain.com, full.email@address.com, etc

email - Receiver
emailmask - Sender
Remove hostname or sender that was before whitelisted for a specific mail addresstrue/false/exception
emailGet current configuration for a specific email address

Current settings, current defaults, info about which of the preferences that is strict (meaning preferences that is only globally configurable).

json-object-tagContent description
preferencesBy user current configuration
descriptionsEach preference description
booleansFor webforms, tells which setting that can use checkboxes
strictData from the API that can not be changed and should be considered static


	"getSpamAssassinOptionsResponse": {
		"preferences": {
			"bayes_auto_learn": "1",
			"fold_headers": "1",
			"normalize_charset": "1",
			"ok_languages": "sv se en",
			"ok_locales": "sv se en",
			"report_safe": "2",
			"rewrite_header": "Subject [SPAMASSASSIN]",
			"skip_rbl_checks": "0",
			"use_auto_whitelist": "1",
			"use_bayes": "1",
			"use_pyzor": "1",
			"use_razor2": "1",
			"required_hits": "5"
		"descriptions": {
			"bayes_auto_learn": "Whether SpamAssassin should automatically feed high-scoring mails (or low-scoring mails, for non-spam) into its learning systems",
			"fold_headers": "By default, headers added by SpamAssassin will be whitespace folded. In other words, they will be broken up into multiple lines instead of one very long one and each continuation line will have a tabulator prepended to mark it as a continuation of the preceding one.",
			"normalize_charset": "Whether to decode non- UTF-8 and non-ASCII textual parts and recode them to UTF-8 before the text is given over to rules processing",
			"ok_languages": "This option is used to specify which languages are considered okay for incoming mail. SpamAssassin will try to detect the language used in the message text.",
			"ok_locales": "This option is used to specify which locales are considered OK for incoming mail. Mail using the character sets that are allowed by this option will not be marked as possibly being spam in a foreign language.",
			"report_safe": "0=Flagged spam: SpamAssassin will only add X-Spam-header in original message\n1=Flagged spam: SpamAssassin will create a new report with original message inside\n2=Flagged spam: SpamAssassin will attach original message as plain message. This setting may be required for safety reasons on certain broken mail clients that automatically load attachments without any action by the user. This setting may also make it somewhat more difficult to extract or view the original message.",
			"rewrite_header": "Adds a specific string to the mail when spam is detected",
			"skip_rbl_checks": "By default, SpamAssassin will run RBL (blacklist) checks. You need spam? Then you should skip the checks.",
			"use_auto_whitelist": "Whether to use auto-whitelists. Auto-whitelists track the long-term average score for each sender and then shift the score of new messages toward that long-term average.",
			"use_bayes": "Whether to use the naive-Bayesian-style classifier built into SpamAssassin. This is a master on\/off switch for all Bayes-related operations",
			"use_pyzor": "Not described",
			"use_razor2": "Not described"
		"booleans": {
			"bayes_auto_learn": "1",
			"fold_headers": "1",
			"normalize_charset": "1",
			"ok_languages": "0",
			"ok_locales": "0",
			"report_safe": "0",
			"rewrite_header": "0",
			"skip_rbl_checks": "1",
			"use_auto_whitelist": "1",
			"use_bayes": "1",
			"use_pyzor": "1",
			"use_razor2": "1"
		"strict": {
			"bayes_auto_learn": "1",
			"use_auto_whitelist": "1"
Updates spamassassin options for a specific email addresstrue/false/exception