Endpoint: endpoints




This endpoint is written to eventually be used in the API Browser. The goal is to automate the API testing and the view showing what API calls that is available.


By just calling this endpoint, will render a permission error:

Without permissions
	"response": [],
	"errors": {
		"code": "403",
		"success": "",
		"faultstring": "Unauthorized: Administrative account required"

However, with permissions, you will get a bit rendered respose object back. LIke this:

Endpoints response
	"endpointsResponse": {
		"enabledEndpoints": [
		"disabledEndpoints": [],
		"describedEndpoints": {
			"urltest": "URL Testing Endpoint (Availability)",
			"dnsbl": "Tornevall Networks DNSBL API",
			"test": "Standard API tester",
			"application": "Application handler"
		"endpointStates": [],
		"endPointsVerifyEntry": []

This function call displays the available endpoints for APIv3. But what if you want to use an endpoint? How do we check up the available syntaxes?

Making a call to /3.0/endpoints/getEndpointMethods/endpoint/theEndPointName will reveal a bit more about the specific endpoint. In this example, we use the endpoint urltest:

	"getEndPointMethodsResponse": [{
		"methods": [
		"descriptions": {
			"isAvailable": "Check availability for an URL"
		"behaviours": {
			"isAvailable": {
				"return": "array"
		"variables": []

In the urltest-endpoint, one http request method is usable: isAvailable. So our API will return three objects for you:

ObjectWhat it tells you
methodsAn array with available methods
descriptionA short description of what each method do when it is called
behavioursA list with the returned responses gives you (this might differ a bit with the reality)