Method: GET

Aliases: /api/mcu/timeline
Aliases: /api/mcu/timeline/category/n/

Primary endpoint for the MCU timeline. Sending requests to this endpoint will generate a full list of what's registered in the API. The response you'll get here is a huge json object with each category respectively.
By adding category/<num>/ you can choose to fetch separate categories only. See /api/mcu/categories for more information.

The columns displayed in each category section is much, with a few exceptions, all stored data. This could change over time, but currently, we present data for each category as:

Column nameColumn TypeDescription
mcuidintInternal ID.
cidintCategory ID.

Our internal sort order, mostly used for things in the database that has exact same dates listed or where movie titles may have higher priority than the MCU timeline status.

When it comes to "mcu time", some events in mcu occurance order could also be inaccurate, take place the same year, etc, that forces the sort order to have higher sorting priority.

titlestringMovie or tv series title.

Will be used as an indicator that the title has a longer name. When this system is updated you will get the main title in the title, and the episode name in the extra title like this:

Title: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Extratitle: New World Order
Season 1, Episode 1.

keywordsstringKeywords that usually is searchable.
premieredatetimeRegistered premiere date, like the cinematic release. When dates are unknown or unsure, they will look like 0000-00-00 or 2021-00-00, depending on statistics and information this far.
mcutimestringWhen this title takes place in mcu time count. Not a datetime column as movies may be run over several years and in the same time crosses by other movies.
tvint/booleanIf title belongs to a tv series.
animatedint/booleanIf title is a tv-series and animated.
seasonintSeason number. Titles are also usually marked itself as S0XE0Y so this column could be considered optional.
episodeintEpisode in season. Titles are also usually marked itself as S0XE0Y so this column could be considered optional.

Link to the movie at imdb.com - if this the title is a movie, it points to the movie itself. If the title is a tv-series, this url points to the primary season url.

IMDB data will only be snatched when there is no prior data, so if updates has been made at imdb after the first snatch that data won't be updated.

imdbepisodestringLink to each episode in each season.
distributionstringCompany that produced or distributed the title.
labeltypestringDesign data. Planned.
linksstringIf there are urls of interest, they are probably put here. It is not yet decided if they will be published as json or a comma separated string.

If not empty, this is a json-string. Compared with the prior mcu-documentation, this is the part where extra information goes.

For example extended information about the title - or which post credit scenes we expect to find. Example from a search for Captain America:

"contentinformation": {
    "Post": [
        "Wanda and Pietro - The Twins - are introduced.",
        "Hydra now has the scepter, a scene that will follow up in Age of Ultron.",
        "Post credits ends with Bucky watching Captain America."
    "Notes": [
        "On your left.",
        "Alternative Title: 'The Return of The First Avenger."

Post credit scenes are always marked as "Post", and extra notes are separated in "Notes".

collectionidintId of the collection this title belongs in.
imdbcachelongtextA huge block of json data fetched from imdb, with extended information about the title. For the moment, no tv series episodes are included here.
categorystringRemember cid from above? This is the name of the category linked to that id.

Background colour for each category (used by snapshot as a demonstration).

Used when you can't decide yourself which background each category should have, and matches with the color scheme used by the old documents, to mark passed, upcoming and current phase.

csortorderintSort order for category.
phaseintNumeric if the title is set to a phase. Usually used to separated documentaries linked to a set of movies from the real phases.
collectionNamestringIf title belongs to a collection, this is the name of that collection.
premiereUnixintThe 32 bit value for the premiere date. Great to have when it comes to sorting out dates in numeric order.
ourSortOrderarrayThe current sort order for how we show the data you get.
inserteddatetimeTimestamp when the entry was added to the database.
Column can be used for keeping track of new and updated titles in a RSS system.
updateddatetimeTimestamp when the entry was updated.
Column can be used for keeping track of new and updated titles in a RSS system.