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  • getPaymentMethods synchronization
    This feature is mainly used for synchronization of payment methods used by the simplified shop flow and MAPI. This should be safely done as each API handles their own calls. During initial tests, you may want to keep the soap payment methods visible as the "SOAP method" can be different to the "MAPI method" (I.E. You normally can't create payments with MAPI based payment methods in the SOAP interface).
  • getPayment information
    This feature is used over several points of the parent plugin, so it is important that for example "aftershop" (payment management) is still running intact requests.  You can use the The filters has to change so that old getPayment requests (if SOAP is required) can get relevant information for the payment management even if MAPI is active. Using filters to overwrite the ['ecom']-block in the payment information is therefore a very bad idea.

First step - Creating the loader and configuration