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If this plugin is imported to the RB repository there are a few suggestions on how to do this.

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  • Make sure that documentation are updated even for smaller changes.
  • Make sure escaping/sanitizing guidelines are followed!
  • Make sure the domain and slug are renamed from tornevalls-resurs-bank-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce to resurs-bank-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce.
  • This plugin has a prefix for all actions, filters and data it uses: trbwc. This has to be reviewed and changed to match Resurs Bank, so that data is properly linked to the correct version.
    Make sure you verify that correct data is changed here as filters also are running under the short name "rbwc".
    The prefix itself is set in the initialization script of the plugin as a constant, so to change this part you should instead use the filter rbwc_get_plugin_prefix.  At least if you want to keep this forged and make it possible to import and export features between your own release and this.
    The trbwc and rbwc are also used in frontend scripts so keep in mind that it cannot be changed in ALL places.
  • The internal prefix for getResursOption and several features used for saving data is not affected by other slugs way of setting their own prefixes. This question was initially added here, as a part of the tests with different slugs/prefixes. A discovery that we could not change the prefix without breaking the database storage made me realize that the plugin should be transparent in its data saving. Example: If you run a forked edition of the plugin, but the decides to switch to the original codebase, data should not be entirely reset between the changes, but be transparent. 
    Jira Legacy
    serverTornevall Networks
    covers the same question.
  • For this plugin repository, make sure that no forks delivers the entire tree of older plugins.