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apt-get -y install spamassassin spamc razor pyzor
# If you run on focal, you will get a problem with the spambayes candidate. So that will run separately (for example for bionic).
# E: Package 'spambayes' has no installation candidate
apt-get -y install spambayes
apt-get -y install libcrypt-ssleay-perl libio-socket-ssl-perl razor libnet-ident-perl libdbi-perl pyzor libmail-dkim-perl
apt-get -y install opendkim opendkim-tools opendmarc


Clients that does not support SMTP authentication via imap or pop

This text is written in october 2020 after ripping my hair of my head off for a while. What I did not think of, during the first round of installation, was that there will be non standard clients that won't do a pop/smtp-auth before entering the SMTP out. For example, Postfix, straight out of the box - where you want to relay from postfix to postfix via an authenticated user. With the solution above, there might happen things that you do not want. The error message below for example, is quite common but very much unanswered in different kinds of forums. Most of the posts are relating their problems to dovecot, cyrus and different kind of solutions that in the end seem to be database driven. This is not bad, it's just a little bit stupid since you suddenly rely your systems on yet another point of failure: The database. And the more crap you implement, the harder it will be to find the failing point.

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warning: SASL authentication failure: unable to canonify user and get auxprops