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VariableScript description
Default loaders that is usually added to the user sections for WordPress.
Scripts that is only loaded in the head, at checkout section.
Script loaded in the admin section.

Every script that has dependencies in other scripts should be added here. For example if some of the basic scripts needs jquery it is added like this:

Code Block
private static $jsDependencies = ['resursbank' => ['jquery']];

As the regular dependency variable above, but for admin section.
Every css that needs to be loaded.
Css that resides in the admin section.


Nonces are always added in the localizations and the ajaxifier itself so each request can be validated with an extra secure layer, if necessary. For example, when we validate credentials from wp-admin, we always use the nonce to avoid problems.

If you want to take advantage of the nonces in your own calls you simply Simply add 'n' to your payload like this to take advantage of nonces:

Code Block
        'calctype': 'multiply',
        'n': true
    function(actionResponse) {
        // My actions here.