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  • The plugin, when creating an order-api URLs, is using Woocommerce-approved components to generate a proper url based on which permalink setup you run with.
  • The plugin first had plans to implement a filter that made it possible to add extra data into signing urls (where success/fail works) so that developers can pass their own values, but I realized that if someone implements data in this section in a wrong way, the entire URL sent to Resurs Bank could break. Therefore that plan has been revoked (
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  • The plugin is for the moment not splitted up based on modules like order management, callbacks, etc since most of the handling events occurs in the payment gateway.
  • The plugin do not by javascript validate any customer data in the checkouts before sending it to Resurs Bank. This is almost entirely about false security that does not require very much to bypass and regex validation requirements may change over time, which is considered smarter to let the remote endpoint cover, than patching the plugin each time changes has to be applied to these parts. Besides from regex-keys that may contain errors, by hooking up to billing data fields will also bind us to less freedom regarding customized templates that may have different policies for handling specific data.

Special features

Each order in the order view will save its current API status


The admin functions are going into a more native state than before. Instead of bulked configuration rows, all settings are stored in wp_options per keyed row. See image below. This makes the configuration sections in the plugin less sensitive when it comes to serialized arrays. Everything are saved with a unique prefix that indicates that the data belongs to the plugin. The admininstration configuration are now also built with the WC_Admin_Settings API (output_fields method), which increases WooCommerce-version 3.4.0 as the least requirement.