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  • If you do after shop handling from WooCommerce, stay with this. The plugin will synchronize the payment at Resurs Bank.
  • If you want to do all after shop handling from Resurs Bank, be aware that there is no guarantee for everything to be synched properly. As we currently only trust callbacks, you can not edit the order in details if you do this from Resurs Bank. This has to be handled from WooCommerce and therefore, you get no guarantee for a properly synchronized order. "What happens in payment admin, stays in payment admin" so to speak.
  • Jira Legacy
    serverTornevall Networks
    covers the question about enabling/disabling the order management parts, and due to how the above parts are built there are no real reason for why this feature should be disabled at any point.

Order handling

I try to change my order from a status to completed, but it fails

The primary way we choose to handle orders and statuses is all based on Resurs Bank statuses. Normally, when you change a status from "In progress" to "Completed", the finalization process is running during the status update in WooCommerce. However, when orders are frozen at Resurs Bank, this is not allowed. For example, a frozen order at Resurs may be caused by things that happened during the payment process that requires manual checks on it. Also, the order may have detected suspected fraud. If a frozen order was allowed to unfreeze, this could also lead to unexpected results for the order. One important thing is to prevent the order to be delivered (and set as complete) if there is any doubts within the order.

This is also reflected in the status handling. If the order is frozen, Resurs intentions is to not push it out to a completion state. This is also why you can't change such orders to completed, if this occurs.

Well, I want to change status for it anyway, since the order is really complete at our (the merchant) side is completed

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PHP 8.x

WooCommerce requirements are currently on a PHP 7.x requirements, which means we can not really go all the way up to 8.x just yet. Especially since current instances may fail run on bleeding edge code. However, we're working on solving this.