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This is a partial copy of that can be found in the repo.

What's not

This project is not a part of the Giraffe Project.


This version is not to be found in the master branch. Checkout develop/4.0 to follow it. Each thing build (except the initial embryo where the major ideas are imported and improved from v3.0) SHOULD ha ve a task, a branch, a commit, reviews and so one. If this API should be publicly available you have to push yourself with requirements. This is the one.

Besides, this release will be much more based on PSR4 autoloading. This means that each endpoint can be autoloaded, which 3.0 did not fix. Also, being able to composerize API endpoints is another goal for this project. Like the NETWORKTOOLS endpoint.


Most of the other suggested libraries had to be configured from scratch. The above library mostly did do this for you. It went extremely verbosed and parsed data out to best available format. If the websided returned JSON data, it returned a JSON object to work with and so on. This is to be implemented in APIv4 too. However, v6.0 is about to get a bit old and nasty so v6.1 is planned - also here with a PSR4 base. But for now, this is actually irrelevant as we start running on v6.0

Where to find everything about v4.0